About Us

Auster Ventus came to be during the pandemic when the demand for more crematory services were at its peak. With the vision of the Ms. Grace Palenzuela and Mr. Zig Vital, Chairperson and President respectively, a group was formed among the members of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals within the Canlubang Chapter.

Having been incorporated in 7th of October 2020, the group has been able to start its first project in Heaven's Garden Memorial Park, thru the tireless effort of its very own President. With a target completion date of September 2022, a new funeral and crematory services will be available to the Laguna province soon and hopefully will open more partnerships with existing cemeteries within and outside the province.


Our Vision

Create meaningful end of life experience to the families we serve.


Our Mission

To provide respectful funeral and cremation services in a comfortable environment, always striving to exceed the expectations of each family we serve with the highest level of ethics, competence, courtesy and compassion.


Auster Ventus

We have strong commitment to our foundational philosophy expressed through our mission and vision statement which we believe are guiding us in fulfilling a meaningful and purposeful existence in the mortuary industry.

Crematorium Services

Best-in-class for after-life services

Funeral Director

Licensed and well-trained professional for all funeral-related works.

Private Cremation

All-in fees for cremation and any related third-party fees.

Collection & Care

From any point of origin to the crematory facilities, transfers that are well-handled.


Assistance in finishing all required and important papers, permits, and other processes.

Ashes Returned

Placed in a simple and well-sealed urn that can be delivered by special courier or collected by a beloved one.

Customer Care

24/7 dedicated customer care team ready to serve

What is Cremation?

Cremation is defined as a method of body disposition that serves as an alternative to traditional burial in a coffin or casket. Placed in a cremation container, the remains are incinerated in an industrial furnace (called a cremation chamber or retort) and reduced to basic chemical compounds – gases, ashes, and mineral fragments, known as cremains. Cremains pose no health risk and are returned to the deceased's family. There are a few options for what you can do with the cremains to honor and memorialize your loved ones. Transferring the cremains into an urn or other special container. You can divide the cremains amongst family members and friends. Inter them at a memorial site, either buried or inside a columbarium. Disperse them at a special ceremony

Cremation Offers Many Options

Compared to traditional burial, when a family chooses cremation services, this increases options for commemorative experiences and makes planning a service much less stressful and complicated. More time is given to other family members to come back home. Lower costs, better for the environment, fear of burial / natural decomposition, simpler arrangements, and flexible service options are some of the more popular reasons why people now chose cremation. When the time to choose is now, choose Auster Ventus.

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